Our dancers BLOSSOM in ​Confidence,  Grace, & Passion... NOT Competition!

 We believe in growing strong, beautiful dancers without exposing them to immodest music, movement, or costumes! 

Stretching your mind, body, and spirit... one step at a time!

“…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31

Allonge’ is a Virginia ballet academy and Pilates studio offering an encouraging environment where your dancer is valued for WHO they ARE not WHAT they can DO!   We are committed to cultivating a passion for many styles of dance but believe that being properly rooted in the fundamentals of classical ballet ensures success in the various dance forms that draw from its technique.

Our highly skilled instructors specialize in nurturing the dreams & talents of your dancer!

AmandaAmanda Short  (Director) is a certified dance and Pilates instructor whose passion for dance began as a child.  After falling in love with dance at age 3 and studying various dance forms, she later attended the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA where she studied various dance forms and performed in both classical ballet and modern dance.  She continued to study classical ballet and perform in college while pursuing her teaching degree.  She completed her 600 hour Classical Pilates mat and apparatus certification in 2006 and began teaching Pilates and ballet locally, later returning to college for her Masters degree in education.   Amanda is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and certified by Dance Educators of America with a specialty in classical ballet.   Blending her passion for dance and her love of education creates a unique focus on proper technique and technically sound and logical dance progression.  She enjoys sharing her God-given abilities in teaching and witnessing the growth in her students. 



LeeLee Cooper (Pilates) is a certified Classical Pilates instructor and is passionate about teaching at all levels. New to the Suffolk area in 2009, Lee was looking for a hobby that was fun, challenging, and physically active. After a class with Amanda, Pilates was it! Being an engineer by trade, Lee loves the focus on proper technique, routine, and precision that Pilates offers. After a few classes, she noticed her back pain issues had disappeared due to better posture and core strength from Pilates. Lee’s other noted benefits are more energy, better muscle definition, and less stressed. Plus, doing Pilates with others motivated Lee to get and stay healthy. Lee offers her students some serious Pilates technique with a dose of fun!



BrendaBrenda Craig (Pilates) is a certified Classical Pilates instructor and a Physical Therapist.  She is thrilled to be at Allonge', introducing people to the Pilates Method and apparatus, especially her personal favorite, the Cadillace!  Brenda is a graduate of the College of William and May and received her BSci in Biology.  She went on to receive a Master of Physical Therapy degree at Cal State University Northridge, and trained at a Classical Pilates studio in Los Angeles.  She has been a runner, gym rate, aerobics instructor, and a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) addict, but Pilates has remained her favorite form of exercise.  Physical Therapy and Pilates go hand-in-hand for improving strength, posture, body awareness, and balance.  Brenda has incorporated Pilates principles into her patient care for years, and now applies her PT skills to Pilates, modifying exercises in the studio for clients with injuries or pain issues.  Outside of the studio, she can usually be found gardening, knitting, and hanging out with her cats.



TerrieTerrie Eike (Dance Fundamentals)  has loved dancing all her life and was first exposed to dance in elementary school when ballet & dance schools came to perform for them.  She remembers wanting to be like them, but didn’t have the opportunity to take dance classes until an adult.   For the last 40 years, Terrie has danced anywhere she could find adult classes offered.  Her experience includes studying jazz, tap, ballet, belly dancing, Irish step dancing, clogging, modern and various performances locally.  For Terrie, dance brings her joy and keeps her young, and she is excited to share that joy with our tiniest dancers!




AmberAmber Roberts participated in her first dance class on "Bring-a-Friend" day around age 7. She loved it and started taking classes immediately! She predominantly trained locally, in both Classical and Russian Ballet, with a strong focus on technique and discipline in the studio. She also has experience in Tap, Jazz, and Lyrical. Amber now enjoys teaching young dancers the foundation steps of ballet and coaching them on proper technique. 





MeganMegan Taliaferro is a veterinarian and professor at Tidewater Community College. She began dancing at age 5 at DeGrasse Dance Studio in Woodbridge, Virginia. In 1993 she was selected to attend the Visual and Performing Arts Summer Residential Governor's School for dance. Megan earned a minor in dance at the College of William and Mary in 1998. She was a member of the College's performance company, Orchesis, and was selected to lead the company her senior year. She has choreographed both solo and ensemble pieces that have been performed at Phi Beta Kappa Hall in Williamsburg, Virginia.'





RoxanneRoxanne Brown has been in love with dance since age 3. She danced with Mountcastle School of Dance for 23 years and has continued her dance passion with Allonge. She has excelled in tap, jazz, ballet, and pointe. Roxanne is a Suffolk native, and loves to spend time with her husband, Seth, and two dogs, Bono and Jovi. Roxanne loves being able to continue her dance passion with young dancers and hopes to instill the same love for dance that she has appreciated her entire life.





AmeliaAmelia Martinez graduated from the ODU Dance Performance program in 2014. While at ODU, she performed in modern, ballet, and jazz pieces. She has performed as a dancer with the Virginia Opera, art exhibits at MOCA, The Elbert Watson Dance Ensemble, The Todd Rosenlieb Ensemble, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp's Dance Ensemble, and for the Neon Festival of 2016. Amelia comes from a strong musical theater background that influences her dance style. She has been teaching dance since 2009 and loves challenging her students to be versatile in their dance styles by including Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern, and Musical Theater into their technique.




“My daughter (age 8) has been attending ballet classes for the last four years. Amanda is an extremely energetic and engaging instructor who pushes her students to reach their full potential. I am always amazed at how she gets a group of active young girls to perform such well choreographed routines.”

~ Lucy

“Allonge’ has such  wonderfully talented dance teachers! Both of my children have enjoyed taking dance for the last 4 years.  They have an amazing way of teaching and keeping all the children’s attention – from the very young to older children. My youngest daughter learned more in 5 weeks than my older daughter did in 2 years at another studio. Allonge’ teaches the children to not only enjoy dance but also the etiquette that each dancer should display during lessons and performances.”

~ Monica